October 13th, VentureX San Diego

Collaborate with ambitious students and progressive organizations to create a framework that addresses pressing social issues.


What the Event is About

Welcome to Cause Hacks, in collaboration with Cause San Diego, a dedicated advocate for positive change for over two decades. In the span of 4.5 hours, 25 teams will be formed, each consisting of two students, a committed for-profit representative, and a visionary from a nonprofit. Working together, this diverse group will pool their creativity to develop innovative programs aimed at addressing important social issues.

  • 4.5 hours

  • 25 teams

  • 50+ students

  • 50+ organizations

  • Computer Science Students

    You can come into the event to make your social good program more efficient. During the event, you will identify the program’s needs, explain how you can help to ease the process, and plan how to do it. Following the event, you’ll code up your plan and present it to your team.

  • Business Students

    Come into the event with “nothing but your skills”, which can range from straight business, to psychology, to finance. You’ll help with tasks such as building the pitch, forming the strategy behind the developed social good program, and assisting with creating a road map.


Cause Hacks is an opportunity for students to distinguish themselves in a competition, work with industry professionals, and expand your network.




Come into the event to create the ideal program to not only do social good, but learn about the ROI of enacting corporate responsibility! While developing the program, you will see evident benefits to employee productivity, assure that there are effective ways of measuring success, and assist with developing a program from scratch. Additionally, you will learn how to work with nonprofits more efficiently in the future.


Connect with students to further develop their mission and impact, learn from for-profit professionals how to best produce a program, and offer insights on specifics for-profits are looking for in partnership. By the end of the event, you will have a new program laid out and ready to launch!

What Are the Goals?

With your team of 2 students, 1 non-profit, and 1 for-profit, you will design and develop a social good program that tackles current issues in San Diego. Need inspiration? Take a look at the Starbucks FoodShare Program!


Place: VentureX San Diego

Date: October 13th

Time: 9:30 AM Pacific Time

  • 15 min

    Kickoff Meeting

    Here, we will go over details like timing, presentation requirements, and general advice.

    9:30 AM

  • 15 min

    Team Building

    In groups of 10 students, 5 nonprofits, and 5 for-profits, you will network and form your team.

    9:45 AM

  • 1 hr, 15 min

    Building Period 1

    This is the first block of time you will have to develop your framework and pitch

    10:00 AM

  • 30 min


    Lunch break!

    11:15 AM

  • 1 hr, 15 min

    Building Period 2

    This is the second block of time you will have to develop your framework and pitch

    11:45 AM

  • 40 min


    Teams are split into two brackets, where the best one from each group presents again in front of everyone

    1:00 PM

  • 10 min

    Additional Judging Time

    Judges finish scoring projects, add any last comments, and decide the top team

    1:40 PM

  • 10 min

    Closing Ceremony

    The winners will be announced, and takeaways from the event will be presented!

    1:50 PM